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Sex and Death 101 (1/10):

by Tony Medley

Running time 110 minutes

Did you ever wonder how the dopes in the beer commercials spend their time when they are not drinking their beer? Now we  know. They laugh their socks off at movies like this.

Written and directed by Daniel Waters, this is as sophomoric a film as one could imagine. Even though it contains a plethora of naked beautiful women, and a protagonist (Simon Baker) that I imagine normal, heterosexual women would find attractive, this is a film that makes 116 minutes seem like an eternity.

The plot is, admittedly, intriguing. Roderick Blank (Baker) is about to get married to a beautiful, wonderful woman when he receives an email that contains a list of everyone heís ever had sex with, 101 names. The problem is that heís never heard of any of the ones past #36. Turns out the rest are names of people with whom he will have sex until the day he dies.

This destroys his impending marriage and upsets his life. Thrown into the mix is a serial killer, Deth Nell/Gillian De Raisx (Winona Ryder), who is the 101st and last name on his list.

This might have been an intriguing tale if it hadnít been told in a manner that seems intended to inspire oversexed college boys only.

There is little to recommend this film apart from the beautiful female bodies that are displayed. Alas, there arenít enough of them to waste any time writing about this.