The Big Bounce (9/10)

Copyright © 2004 by Tony Medley

Jack Ryan (Owen Wilson) is a small time thief in Hawaii. He meets Walter Crews (Morgan Freeman), a judge, when heís being sentenced for cold-cocking his boss with a baseball bat. Walter strikes up a friendship with Jack and hires him to work at his hotel. Then Jack sees Nancy Hayes (Sara Foster) who works for Ray Ritchie (Gary Sinise) whoís got a lot of money and isnít a very nice man. Jack and Nancy hook up and Nancy wants him to help her steal some of Rayís money. From there it gets complicated.

With gorgeous Hawaiian cinematography (Jeffrey L. Kimball), a clever script (Sebastian Gutierrez), The Big Bounce is expertly directed by George Armitage with style and pace.  For me, the watch test didnít work because I kept looking at my watch during the 1:48 running time and hoping it wouldnít end.

Iíve seen Owen Wilson in some of the worst movies of my life (I Spy as just one example) so it was a treat to see him with material that shows him at his best. Here heís a charming, easy-going thief who gets involved with people he doesnít know and in something that just doesnít seem right. There are some good lines, Wilsonís charming, Freemanís smooth, Fosterís beautiful, Sinise is nasty (but isnít seen much), the sceneryís magnificent, and whatís Charlie Sheen (Bob Rogers, Jr.) doing here?

 I found this eminently enjoyable.

January 30, 2004

The End