Matchstick Men (8)

 Copyright © 2003 by Tony Medley


 As Monty Python used to say, now for something completely different.  Director Ridley Scott, whose recent history has brought us wonderful action films like Black Hawk Down and Gladiator, translates Eric Garcia’s book about a neurotic con man into a compelling film.  Roy Waller (Nicholas Cage) is the obsessive-compulsive grifter.  He’s told he has a daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman), by the pregnant wife he divorced 14 years ago, finds and meets her in front of Venice High School, and the relationship changes his life.  A sometimes funny, sometimes touching caper film with plenty of surprises.  Deserving of Oscar nominations to Scott, Cage, Lohman, and screenwriter Ted Griffin. 

 September 13, 2003

 The End