Bruce Almighty (7)

 Copyright 2003 by Tony Medley


 Ive never been a big fan of Jim Carrey, who seemed to me to be constantly overacting as an over-the-top, neo Jerry Lewis nincompoop, so I entered this with trepidation.  Bruce Nolan (Carrey) is a TV reporter assigned to frivolous stories who feels hes maltreated.  When hes passed over for the anchor job he so fervently desires, he blames and maligns God.  God hears him and gives Bruce His power for three weeks.  This changes his life and messes up his relationship with his long-suffering girl friend, Grace Connelly (Jennifer Anniston). 

 Bruce Almighty sounded silly and looked silly in the trailer, but turns out to be much better than anticipated.  Despite a few lapses into his old slap-shtick character, Carrey gives a good performance.  The person who really impressed me, however, was Anniston.  A full-fledged star as a result of her being a part of the ensemble cast of a number 1-ranked sitcom, instead of resting on her laurels and demanding above-the-title star status, she contributes another professional outing in whats little more than a supporting role, indicating shes a serious actress and not just one of those jerks on Friends.  This woman is legit. Morgan Freeman is a worthy successor to George Burns as God.  Coming in at a workable 94 minutes, this held my interest as I only looked at my watch once.

 June 13, 2003

 The End